I am vomiting with rage

Seriously, what the crap?!!


1.       3:19 pm

We couldn’t wait for mid-season?

2.       3:24 pm

Or at least for the Johan trade to go down?

3.       3:27 pm

What was the rush?

4.       3:31 pm

We were afraid that six no-name minor leaguers would get snatched up in this thriving trade market?!

5.       3:37 pm

Seriously, we couldn’t get one freaking Major League-ready guy?!

6.       3:38 pm

            Or at least somebody I’ve heard of?!

7.       3:39 pm

            He’s Dan Haren!!!

8.       3:40 pm

            He started the freaking All-Star Game!!!!

9.       3:43 pm

Tell me, why should I bother watching a single game for the next two years?!!

10.   3:47 pm

Doesn’t look like the front office is planning on it!!

11.   3:56 pm

What was the point?

12.   4:02 pm

We didn’t even get a decent bat out of it!!

13.   4:13

I ask you, WHAT. WAS. THE. FREAKING. POINT??!!!!!

14.   4:47 pm

Burn in Hell, Billy Beane.

15.   5:02 pm

So now what?

16.   5:16 pm

. . .

17.   5:27 pm

. . .

18.   5:43 pm

. . .

19.   6:01 pm

See you in 2011.

5 thoughts on “I am vomiting with rage”

  1. Guys, I’m a Marlins fan. I’ve always been a fan of small-market teams like Oakland and Minnesota, but I am so sick of getting kicked in the stomach every few years. Just wanted to let you know I feel your pain.

  2. pirate fan here…you just took the cream of one of the best farm systems in baseball and set yourselves up for years of future success. our biggest offseason move was signing chris gomez. advantage oakland.

    so seriously, settle down a bit.

  3. D-Backs fan here. Of course I like the trade, but I feel kind of guilty taking it…kind of like when a blackjack dealer pays you even though you pushed. You grab the chips, but you also feel like you should say something.

  4. So, what, you want a durable starter (not a true ace), who is good but doesn’t have an out-pitch, who will rack up innings admirably for the next three seasons before he skips off for his five-year $140 million contract. Look, I know it’s sad to see your best starter go, but you’re not even as good as the Mariners right now, and they’re not close to as good as the Angels. Lighten up: When has Billy Beane ever failed you?

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