Schadenfreude Done Got the Best of Me

While there is of course no shame in dropping a series to the baseball behemoth that is your 2013 Seattle Mariners, Oakland losing their first series in forever to a team throwing out Joe Saunders every five days is a reminder that victory is fleeting, and that any purported superiority in the game of baseball is a cruel, capricious mistress.  And that ephemeral nature of baseball success is exactly why it’s a good idea to stay away from any excessively outward displays of schadenfreude - it’s far too easy to find yourself on the bottom unnervingly soon after your time on top.

That said, I’m going to ignore my own wise words of caution and point out that the warm fuzzies I felt upon seeing this on the front page of the other day:



were only magnified by the fact that it appeared the same day this did:


Just delightful.

42-29, 1st Place in the American League West

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