Viva Las Vegas

As I sat in the luxury box (had to throw that in) last night for the first game of the four game series with the Angels, I was full of hope.  I was wearing my A’s jersey, hat and had my A’s sweater ready for the cool night air.  I had done all I could to prepare myself for this game.  I had examined the standings and the games that were to come along with the weekend series and felt like we legitimately had a chance.  I had even convinced myself to let go of the travesty that was the Rangers series somehow convincing myself that the A’s would be a different team tonight. 

I felt that a sweep was possible if the A’s played with pride and with the type of urgency it took to come back from 15 games below .500.  As Steve Finley’s homer (I’m sorry, how do the A’s allow a man who has almost played himself out of baseball this year to stick a dagger like this in them) sailed out of the stadium, that hope deflated and reality set in. 

It started with severe depression beginning with pulling the hood of my new 50% off A’s sweater over my head and staring straight ahead for several minutes.  Then anger hit, how could they play like this knowing what the stakes were?  I was furious at Crosby for giving them two early runs by throwing the ball away on a groundout that Guerrero wasn’t even running down the line to beat out.  I was enraged that Chavez had gone 0-3 to start the game especially since I had donated 5$ at the gates to the Katrina fund to get an autographed picture of him.  How could our most expensive player and leader let his team down like this? 

Then a quick case of false hope created by Kendall’s 2-run double and Chavez finally pulling his weight, but in the end, it was the same A’s team we had seen for weeks.  They just could not get runners in from scoring position.  You can blame the injuries all you want, but it was the A’s lack of a true RBI man such as an Ortiz or Ramirez that sunk this ship.  And that will always be the difference between a small market team and the big markets.  We had two RBI men, and they left for bigger paydays.  When someone has gotten good enough to carry this team, other teams have been willing to spend what it took to bring in a heavy lifter.  I like what I have seen and heard from new owner Lew Wolf, but what I really want to see is the team not only develop their players into stars, but hold onto them even when their price tags get higher.        I respect all Billy Beane has done with this team.  He has created a perpetual winning situation and for that I am grateful.  I watch other franchises spending big money and getting nothing for their investment.  For that reason I really am not concerned with spending Yankee type dollars, I feel that with a competitive budget, Beane would be able to overcome the big boys.  He has proved it time and time again, he is just better at his job than they are.  When it comes to GM’s you have John Schuerholz and Billy Beane.  They are the gold standard.  Just imagine what Beane could do with a few million more.  It wouldn’t be fair even.  He just sees things in players that others do not. 

He understands the value of an organization rather than just a big league team.  Look at the rookies this year, Blanton, Swisher, Johnson, and Street.  My goodness, who has this kind of talent just waiting in the minor leagues.  GM’s with vision, that’s who.  What I am saying is that imagine the vision Beane could have with more money for big league players without sacrificing the minor leagues.  He is a magician, and I am tired of his Reno show, I want to see him in Vegas. adsense account ban . premium domains .

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